For the Axent collection, we have invested in real innovation to ensure the best materials, colours and finishes for your desired washroom solution. Here at Axent Design Washrooms we provide materials, colours and finishes that are sourced by major suppliers, market leaders in laminates, glass, solid surfaces, real wood veneers and laminates. 


The Axent Design Washrooms collection is manufactured with durability in mind. The panel sheets we offer are hard wearing, impact resistant and maintain attractive decorative surfaces. We offer three material types – Compact Grade Laminate, High Pressure Laminate, Melamine Faced Board and Solid Surfaces. The following materials can apply to cubicles, IPS duct panelling, vanity units, and locker and bench solutions.


Compact Grade Laminate

With Class 1 fire rating and ideal for use in areas of high moisture and humidity, Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) has a solid core construction which means there is no risk of peeling, cracking or delamination.

Given its strengthened technical properties and antibacterial treatment, CGL is perfect for cubicles, washrooms and lockers in high traffic areas (such as schools and hospitals) and in places of high humidity (such as leisure centres and swimming pool changing rooms). Ideal for vanity tops, cubicles, and IPS duct panelling.


High Pressure Laminate

With excellent resistance to impact, scratches and abrasions High Pressured Laminate is versatile, robust with nonporous and a hygienic solution.

High Pressured Laminate (HPL) is made of layers of kraft and decorative paper impregnated with thermosetting resins, which has excellent properties thanks to the combined action of heat and high pressure. HPL is suitable for use in areas of high traffic public environments. Ideal for vanity tops, cubicles, and IPS duct panelling.


Melamine Faced Board

Melamine Faced Board (MFC) is the most economical double sided decorative self-supporting material with melamine resin, suitable for dry or humid environments. With matching ABS edging, MFC provides good scratch resistance and clean ability.


Solid Surfaces

Long lasting, nonporous materials with resilience are required for washrooms that last. All of our products at Solid Surface Fabrications are well suited to a bathroom environment. We supply and fit bathroom tops, tiling, interior walls for showers and much more. And of course, all our products come in a wide range of colours to suit any bathroom style.

Homogeneous and non-porous material, Solid Surfaces is long lasting and ideal for washroom environments. Whilst keeping its good looks, this material survives the daily wear and tea and has proven itself to be remarkably durable and versatile.


Our range of colours and finishes cover plain colours, woodgrains, metalics, digital print and patterns. Our suppliers are categorised as either STANDARD, PREMIUM and SOLID SURFACES, and have been compiled carefully in consultation with schools, architects and specifiers across the UK. The following colour and finish suppliers provide readily available decors for stock panels, laminates and work surfaces specifically and are ideal for cubicles, vanity units, IPS duct panelling, lockers and bench seating, clinical IPS units and accessibility facilities.


Our standard range of laminate suppliers include: Formica, Polyrey, Abet Laminati, Egger, Pfleiderer and Sonae Industria.

Standard Suppliers


Our premium range of laminate suppliers include: Homapal, Fenix, Mazan and Rehau.

Premium Suppliers


Our solid surface suppliers include: Staron, Corian and Hi-Macs

Solid Surfaces Suppliers