Education Sector

Thinking about refurbishing your school toilets? Or you have a new build which includes the design and installation of washroom facilities? Make sure you speak to Axent Design Washrooms – your education washroom solutions provider.

Our Approach

Here at Axent Design Washrooms we offer a complete ‘fit out’ service which covers design, manufacture and installation. From nurseries through to universities, our comprehensive range of floor to ceiling materials and configurations are specifically designed for the Education sector.

Whether your project is a new build or a refurbishment of an existing area, our experienced team of washroom professionals will be on hand to offer useful design and specification advice. Colour schemes, materials, flooring finishes, sanitaryware and accessories – we will be there to assist you when selecting the most suitable products for your washroom.

Why Choose Axent?

Not only will your new washroom facility be ‘fit for purpose’, but will also ensure that it’s delivered on time and within budget. It may sound simple, but this formula is why our customers keep coming back. We offer genuine value for money, consistent high quality products and reliable service.

Education Sector School Toilets Toilet Cubicle Cubicles System Lockers Bench Seating Hand Washing Accessories Urinals Disabled Toilets Washroom Water Fountain UK

School Washroom Refurbishment by Axent Washrooms and Interiors Ltd

Nursery School Toilets

Axent understands and exceeds the requirements for nursery school toilets. We offer varying heights of the nursery toilet cubicles, sinks and toilet basins to ensure the washroom is optimised for the use of smaller children.

Primary School Washroom Refurbishment

Primary school toilets and primary school washroom refurbishments need to cater for a wide varity of ages, ensuring safe use, accessibility and privacy for all ages. Axent are able to customise the cubicles to be suitable for any challenge which may need to be overcome.

Secondary School Washroom Refurbishment

Secondary school toilets and secondary school washroom refurbishments need to be highly durable and futureproof. Axent will design a washroom which boasts a clean layout, practicality and privacy for all the students.

College and University Toilets

Axent do not only offer washroom refurbishments within primary and secondary schools, we are also highly experienced at completing College and University washroom projects to the highest possible standard.

Our School Washroom Products


We supply a range of school toilets which have been specifically designed to be best suited to meet any educational requirements. Our infant height toilets and junior height toilets are manufactured with younger children in mind and are a perfect solution. Alternatively we offer normal height toilets for older students but whatever your requirements; Axent will exceed your expectations for a perfect school WC for your schools washroom.

School Toilets Education infant height Junior WC

Toilet Cubicles

Axent boasts a variety of school toilet cubicles to suit any budget inside all educational environments. The cubicles can be completely customisable with exciting images and/or colourful IPS panels.

Education Sector School Toilets Toilet Cubicle Cubicles System Lockers Bench Seating Hand Washing Accessories Urinals Disabled Toilets Washroom Water Fountain UK

Disabled Toilets

Schools must provide adequate disabled toilet facilities within their washrooms throughout their buildings. We utilise Doc M Packs as a guide to ensure we meet all government regulations ensuring your school is readily equipped.

Disabled Toilet Toilets WC Cubicle DOC M Packs


We offer an unbeatable range of urinals to suit any environment throughout schools; including the popular stand alone urinals and the urinal troughs. These can be installed at specific heights to suit the varying ages and heights of pupils or school children.

Primary / Secondary School Washroom Cubicles Urinal Urinals System Education Sector

Hand Washing

Select from a wide variety of hand washing basins, troughs and sinks to complete your washroom and ensure positive hygiene results throughout your school all year round.

Primary / Secondary School Washroom Cubicles Toilet Refurbishment Hand Washing


Our range of lockers are ideal for use in all environments with quality fixtures, fixings and finishes to provide a stunning overall appearance.

Lockers for Education sector Primary / Secondary School Toilets Washroom Refurbishment

Bench Seating

Our bench seating is perfect for school environments, offering a place to leave pupils belongings, or merely get ready. The quality and strength of our products ensures that the demands of high usage areas are surpassed without compromising style or aesthetics.

Education sectory Primary Secondary School Bench Seating Benches Refurbishment

School Washroom Accessories

From Water fountains to soap dispensers and hand dryers; Axent offer a one-stop-shop providing everything you could need to ensure your washroom meets the high demands of your pupils and staff.

Education Sector School Toilets Toilet Cubicle Cubicles System Water Fountain Washroom Accessories