Commercial Washrooms

In today’s commercial office buildings, washrooms are providing increasingly innovative facilities that go way beyond the ‘Ladies’ or ‘Gents’. Baby changing, showering, less-abled access, ease of maintenance and cost-saving consumables are all considered the norm.

With the knowledge and experience in providing washrooms for the commercial sector, you can be sure that Axent Design Washrooms has a solution for your business. Our expert designers look to ensure the configurations are truly ‘fit for purpose’. We take time to understand the requirements of our clients and the end user, as well as providing them with a detailed schedule to ensure the least inconvenience to the continual running of your business.

Commercial Sector Washroom Example

Commercial Washroom Refurbishment

Axent understands and exceeds the requirements for any commercial washroom refurbishment project. We offer a wide variety of high quality products to suit any environment or budget. From toilets to sink, flooring, walls and ceilings, Axent offer a one-stop-shop for all you washroom needs.

Commercial Locker Room Refurbishment

Axent offers a wide range of Lockers which can be customised with regards to height, width, colour, materials and fittings to the desired finish. Bespoke lockers can be made to match washroom finishes in the same decorative colour way.

Commercial Bench Seating

Our bespoke bench seating range can be made to any specification your project requires.

Our Commercial Sector Washroom Products


We supply a range of toilets which are suitable for a commercial environment and for office washrooms. Axent will exceed your expectations for a perfect commercial WC for your washroom.

Commercial Sector Washroom Lockers Toilet Cubicle

Toilet Cubicles

We offer a variety of commercial toilet cubicles to suit any budget and finish. The cubicles are customisable, from the type of material, to the colour or style. Axent offer a toilet cubicles which are perfect for any commercial office washroom environment.

Commercial Sector Washroom Locker Room Toilet Cubicle

Disabled Toilets

Adequate disabled toilet facilities must be provided within all commercial setting washrooms throughout their buildings. We utilise Doc M Packs as a guide to ensure we meet all government regulations ensuring your commercial washroom environment is readily equipped.

Commercial Sector Disabled Toilet Toilets WC Cubicle DOC M Packs Washroom Refurbishment


We offer an unbeatable range of urinals to suit any commercial environment washrooms and office toilets; including the popular stand alone urinals and the urinal troughs.

Commercial Sector Washroom Urinals Refurbishment Toilet Cubicles

Hand Washing

Select from a wide variety of hand washing basins, troughs and sinks to complete your washroom and ensure positive hygiene results throughout your commercial environment and office toilets all year round.

Hand Washing Commercial Sector Washroom Refurbishment Toilet Toilet Cubicles basins sinks


Our range of lockers are ideal for use in all commercial environments with quality fixtures, fixings and finishes to provide a stunning overall appearance.

Commercial Sector Locker Room Washroom Toilet Cubicles Refurbishment

Bench Seating

Our bench seating is perfect for commercial washroom environments and office toilets, offering a place to leave staff belongings, or merely get ready. The quality and strength of our products ensures that the demands of high usage areas are surpassed without compromising style or aesthetics.

Commercial Sector Office Bench Seating and Lockers

Commercial Washroom Accessories

From Water fountains to soap dispensers, hand dryers and paper dispenser; Axent offer a one-stop-shop providing everything you could need to ensure your commercial washroom meets the demands of your staff.

Commercial Washroom Refurbishment Toilet Cubicles Hand Dryer Accessories