As a one-stop-shop, Axent Design Washrooms can provide a relaxed and stylish solution. Why not complete your refurbished washroom with new flooring (capped and coved), decorative walls (tiling, lining or cladding) and tiled ceilings with LED lighting.

Walls Floors Ceilings cap and cove cladding tiles

Axent Washrooms and Interiors Ltd

Walls / Floors / Ceilings

We offer insulation for whatever your job demands and with products in stock from all of the leading brands in the market, we have options for fire performance, moisture resistance, and for installation above or below concrete slabs.


Walls – Panels / Tiling / Cladding / Painting

Incorporating all the advantages of our one-stop-shop service, we provide the option to complete your washroom with new walls. Our wall products include panelling, tiling, cladding and decoration (painting). We also offer the use of splashbacks, and digital printed graphics.


Floors – Cap and Cove

Here at Axent Design Washrooms we offer heavy-duty safety flooring with traditional or contemporary decoration. Ideal in hygiene critical locations subjected to contaminant spillages, we ensure the materials maintain sustainable slip resistance and continued underfoot protection. Included in our service is to cap and cove, which means the room edge uplifts by 100mm throughout the parameter, which improves cleanability and maintenance.


Ceilings – Suspended / LED Lighting

Axent Design Washrooms provide solutions that can match perfectly with most ceiling grid systems or painted ceilings. In order to complete your refurbished or new washroom, we can provide suspended ceilings with square or circular LED lighting, ideal for the end users ease of use in the environment.